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Call for participation and Idea Submission

I have an idea but i don’t have a team, am I still eligible for submission?

A team should have at least two members to be eligible for idea submission. If you are working alone, you need to team up with relevant individuals to be part of the challenge.

Is there a cost to enter the competition?

No, entry is free.

What is the maximum number of team member i can have during participation?

A team can have maximum of 5 team members.

Can i add new team member later during the competition?

Participants are allowed to add new team members until final MVP submission and after the final MVP submission, any changes shall not be accepted.

Do we require to be denizens of Kathmandu to be part of this challenge?

All the Nepali Citizen are eligible to apply. You do not require to be the denizens of Kathmandu to participate in this challenge. However, the proposed idea should be focused on solving problems related to urban development by taking the geography of KMC into consideration as their pilot area. In addition, Those Nepali individual residing abroad are also eligible to apply as long as they can ensure active participation.

Can organizations apply to be part of the challenge?


Organisations are eligible for participation. However, the product or service shall not be more than two years of roll out / operation.

We have an idea but we are confused on which category it fits unders. What can we do in this context ?

If you are confused regarding the category, we suggest you to call our challenge Secretariat where we can help you with your queries. The secretariat can be reached at:

City Planning Commission
Kathmandu Metropolitan City
Thapathali, Kathmandu

Phone : 977-1-4218137, 4102301

Will our ideas be made public ?

Yes, all the ideas that make it to the main event will be made public.

I am concerned about idea being stolen, can I apply in closed environment ?

In order to make the process fully transparent,  We do not have provision for closed environment application. If you are skeptical about publicising your idea, then we are extremely sorry that this platform is not for you.

Are the areas listed under each category comprehensive and exhaustive?

We have selected broadly four categories under the guidance of KMC. We presume that various areas mentioned under each category can be accomodated within the given broad categories.

Are judging criteria same throughout various stages of selecting in the process?

The judging criteria  will remain same throughout the competition. However, as we advance to later stages, the broader criteria might have more refined specifications. 

If we already have a working product / solution, can we still apply?

Yes, those with a working product / solution are eligible to apply unless its not more than two years old.

Will we be able to make edits to our initial submission?

You will be allowed to make edits in the submitted idea until prototype development phase, where the team will be asked to develop minimum viable products (MVP) based on their chosen idea.

Some prototypes / MVP could be at early stages and some could be really polished ones. Will that give unfair advantage to the ones that are already developed?

We agree that concept or product that is submitted can be at any stage. They could be in idea conception phase, planning phase, development phase or implementation phase. To address this issue, we have devised the final judging criteria in such a way that there will not be issues of partiality.

What happens if any teams are charged with copyright / intellectual property infringement?

Individual teams have to take the total responsibility for any infringement of intellectual property or other legal issues related to their submissions and KMC shall not be held liable for any issues arising thereof.

Can we submit more than one idea?

Yes, you can submit more than one idea but in case of selection for next round, one team is eligible to go with only one idea.

Is there any requirement for qualification to be eligible to participate in the challenge?

No, but to compete in the final you must have a working prototype of your idea.

Pre-selection of ideas

What happens to our idea/submission if we do not make it to the second round ?

The ideas that do not make it to the second round is dropped from the competition.

How will the ideas be selected from the first round ?

Organizers will select 100 ideas from submitted ones on the basis of participating criteria and judging criteria. The selection will be based on the Importance of Problem, Product/Idea itself,Scalability, Business Model and Articulation.

Seminars and trainings

Why are trainings and seminars organized ?

Trainings and seminars are organised in order to help participants refine their ideas and guide on prototype development, developing business plan and how to pitch the idea.

Is it compulsory to participate in trainings and seminars ?

Yes, it is compulsory to participate in trainings and seminars .

How many team members can participate in training and seminar?

One member per seminar is permitted for the seminar/ training.

Prototype development

How do you define a minimum viable product ?

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a development technique in which a new product or service is developed with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters.

Will be able to make edit in our mvp submission?

Yes, as long as initially submitted the idea remains the  same your MVP edit remains valid. Meaning , you are allowed to refine your idea but not allowed to change it.

Selection of 24 Finalists

What information do we have to fill while submitting our products in the second round ?

You need to share the MVP , Business Model, Operation Plan and Other related Information. The participants who make it to the second round will be guided with necessary information during the process.

What happens to the ideas and products that do not make it to the final round of 24?

The ideas that do not make it to the second round will be dropped out from the competition. However, all the information that you have shared will be kept confidential.

Grand Finale

What will happen during the grand finale ?

During the grand finale, selected finalists will pitch their ideas / products to an invited audience and members of the jury panel. Based on the selection criteria, jury will select category winners, runner ups and overall winner. The event will also provide spaces for finalists to showcase their prototypes.

What can we use the cash prizes for ?

It is totally under the team’s decision on how and where to use the cash money. Our suggestion is to invest it as a seed fund.

What happens to the prized ideas after the event ?

The prized ideas along with all the finalists have the possibility of getting into KMC incubation program or similar supporting mechanisms to further strengthen their solution.

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