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074 MSTIM Pulchowk Campus
Bibek ShresthaMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

House address number allocation through GPS tracker.

Target Audience

1. Individual Residential owner
2. Kathmandu Metropolitan Office
3. Small/Big Business Entities.
4. Multinational Corporations.
5. Government offices.

Sagar BhattaCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

SURUWAT “Smart Urban and Rural Waste Treatment” is a pioneer initiative on sustainable waste management for the densely populated, compact cities and growing urban areas.

Target Audience

The consumer we targeted more from Residence and enterprise inside highly urban areas.

Address Planner
Garima MandavyaMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

Assignment of unique house and street addresses based on agreed criteria and geocoding.

Target Audience

1. General public for navigation purpose, location services
2. Emergency services (Fire brigade, Ambulance, Police)
3. City planner/ urban planner
4. Transportation Planner
5. Administration services of city
6. Statistics collection by local, national administration

Airlift Technology
Rohit Ratna SthpitMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

3D GIS platform for E-Government.

Target Audience

Different Government Bodies
Planning Agencies
Construction Companies
Emergency Management Organisations

Antidote Nepal
Manish Jung ThapaCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

We are a clothing rental service based in Kathmandu.

Target Audience

Our target audience, for now, is working women who live in Kathmandu and Lalitpur and are necessarily working in development agencies, banking industry, and INGOs/NGOs.

Purak AdhikariMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

Our idea will simplify people's access to metropolitan services and statuses of land, tax, official documents through the use of digitization and the internet.

Target Audience

Our target audience is the general public, specifically, the people who can legally own property and/or pay taxes of any form. They can use this technology to save the time that is wasted by standing in lines in public offices, and get the required information/documents legally, quickly.
Our other target audience is government officers, who will use the product to regulate activities in their offices and make processes more efficient. Technicians at the office will regularly supervise the servers that store data of citizens registered in the municipality.

Krishna SharmaCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

To ensure street lights glow throughout the night for easier nightlife

Target Audience

Our targetted audience is jobholders who have to wait for vacation or holidays to enjoy shopping, get out with friends and explore nightlife. Alongside the micro-entrepreneurs who have a wide possibility of earning in nightlife.

Sabin PokharelCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

By using of microbes ( bacteria) or earthworm ,waste material from the house can be decomposed & made an compost.Its called vermicomposting .

Target Audience

The house owner or industries should keep 3 types of dust bin in where decomposed material,plastics things,and glass substances are kept.And the company will go to collected their garbage .

Balance Nepal
Gaurab ShresthaCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Source segregation of plastic from individual household by buying plastic from the public via the very retail shops that sells the plastic packaged products like bottle, wrapper, and using the plastic to make tiles.

Target Audience

Retail shops, groceries, super market and the general public.

Barsha Saroj
Barsha Bhatta Urban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Smart dustbins that produce fertilizer .

Target Audience

Street walkers

Bittiya Samarthata
Nasala MaharjanMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

Bittiya Samarthata is a financial literacy workshop-oriented campaign which imparts knowledge about basics of personal financing and money management and aims at building financially capable communities through partnerships with local government bodies.

Target Audience

- School children (classes 8, 9 and 10)
- Women (mainly housewives)

Blue Technology
Ahana SresthaCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Digital platform to connect waste generators (individuals and commercial establishments) to scrap dealers and recyclers by empowering informal waste workers (IWWs) of scrap buyers (kabaadiwalas) thus creating social and environmental impact.

Target Audience

We divide our target audience into three groups,

1. Individuals or commercial establishments who desire to sell their recyclables or interact with other actors in the sector of waste management and recycling industry.
2. Marginalized informal sector of the society consisting of kabaadiwalas and scrap dealers.
3. Other actors in the waste management, recycling, and upcycling industry.

Captain Ktm
Sumesh GhataneUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Smart traffic management using modern wireless communication, underground
vehicle detection and counting system, mobile app, central central monitoring and smart intelligent software and also it focuses on reduction of traffic congestion issue due to uneven timing at the successive junctions and hence reduces the traffic congestion problem in metro city.

Target Audience

1. Transportation is the basic need of every citizens hence this project is targeted to every citizens.
2. Since automation reduces effort and also the number of police force required for traffic management will be reduced and the remaining police force could be mobilized for other good cause.

Pramish PaudelMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

Our idea is about predicting abnormalities in X-ray using AI within seconds, highlighting the part of the image that is more likely to be abnormal and sorting the radiologist worklist so that sickest patient get the first treatment driving down the cost of the radiology services and fatigue on radiologist.

Target Audience

The product seconds, to seconds, in hospitals and medical clinics. So, Hospitals and Medical Clinics that provide radiology services are the target audience of this project.

Dipendra Kumar DuttaMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

Community empowered fire fighting using home based water storage.

Target Audience

It can be any people because fire can catch anywhere.

Cyclist in the CIty
Chakshu Bikram MallaCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

A smartphone based app 'Cyclist in the city' to make cycling in kathmandu valley simpler and fun.

Target Audience

People who choose bicycle and commute in the city.
Young people who use smart phone and use different mode of transportation.

Anish ShresthaCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Smart garbage collection and monitoring system

Target Audience

General public

Digital Nepal
Aditya RajMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

Our idea is to manage all the information of students, teachers, parents of the community public school using the technology so that we can track the progress of school and make the information accessible, transparent and understand the current needs of those schools.

Target Audience

Our target audience or user will be all the community schools of the KMC and their their students, teachers, parents who uses smartphone.

Bhaskar Datt BhattMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

Municipality Household Property Tax Management system(MHPTMS) & Property Renting For citizen

Target Audience

Our mainly targeted audiences are the property owner and general people who are living in rent.

E-Farm Technology
Madhu KhadkaCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Just install and enjoy any season vegetable.

Target Audience

Initially we want our system to be available to general public in balcony, during the prototype phase we came to know the cost is relevantly higher for individual as technology used to build the large production yielding system and smaller unit are similar as device used are same. So we are targeting the people who are already into farming or have a history of farming.
After the prototype phase we interact with our potential clients and gain a surface knowledge about the target audience
Our audience are basically who want to maximize their production in less time using minimum space.
• Land owning natives with less farming knowledge’s (JOB holders of age group 25 – 35 )
• Health conscious people (age 25 - 35)
• Farmers seeking higher production (not satisfied with traditional farming method )
• Modern farming technique adapting farmers(Early adapters of late 30’s )
• farming enthusiasts (age may not be the barrier )

E-Heritage Walk
Jagatjyoti G TuladharCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Our E-heritage walk is a platform that guides the local communities and tourist to explore the various hidden and intangible heritage by recommending travel routes along with 360 and VR of the area.

Target Audience

- Local Communities
- Local Entrepreneurs
- National and International Tourists
- Government bodies to manage tourist

Eco Eydean
Manish MarahattaCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Collaborative Plastic Recycling Center for re-utilizing all plastic waste.

Target Audience

Plastic wastes get accumulated in every household. Hence, almost every household in the locality will be the beneficiary of our product/service. In addition to that, we plan to offer the service to organizations for a premium charge, so that their wastes get handled properly while the local recycling center gets to grow to serve more efficiently.

Mitesh PandeyMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

A service where you can find compatible blood donors around you, contact them directly and remove the hassle that you would have to face while getting blood from blood banks.

Target Audience

The target audience of our service is everyone, you may not necessarily need blood right now but life is unpredictable, anything can happen anytime and you don’t know when you might need to use our service. So, to sum it up our target audience is everyone who is in need of blood.

Sanjay RajbhandariCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Adoption of alternative vehicle fuel to reduce reliance on petroleum by using Compressed Renewable Gas (CRG) in transportation through compression of methane gas derived from anaerobic digestion of biodegradable municipal waste.

Target Audience

Primary target audiences for CRG vehicles include:
a) Commercial service trucks, passenger/school buses, taxi/cabs and private vehicles can use CRG as substitute to petroleum.
b) Farmers can use slurry as manure and fertilizer in increasing agricultural productivity. Implementing slurry as organic fertilizer could be more economic, easy, and effective than chemical fertilizers.
c) Local government for effective waste management system.
Secondary target audience are: -
a) Government and policymakers who play major role in making the future fuelled by an increasing amount of upgraded biogas, especially in the transportation sector in order to achieve sustainable development goals.
b) Hotel, restaurants, industries and residential users to meet the increasing energy demands.
c) Researchers and subject matter experts in fields like energy, biotechnology, climate, process engineering etc. will gain new insights into a subject of wide concern.

Enlightened Nation
SAGAR ACHARYAMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

We have the vision to make value-based healthcare smart, effective and accessible with an obsessive focus on patient experience by bringing all people and health professionals to a seamless online platform.

Target Audience

Our target audiences are all the general people and health professionals whom we want to bring together to our seamless online platform.

Saurav ShresthaMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

A web/mobile application for increasing the efficiency and transparency of Kathmandu Municipality.

Target Audience

The most untapped resource of Nepal so far has to be the youth. They want their voices to be heard but due to the lack of proper channeling, their valuable opinions are being limited on social media. Hatemalo intends to provide a platform which will allow the youth not only to voice their opinions but have their opinions make a difference in the developmental
activities happening in their municipality or ward.

Environment Enthusiasts
Sajjan Nhuchhen PradhanCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Our idea is to do cockroach farming, where cockroaches are breed as livestock in controlled facilities by feeding kitchen wastes.

Target Audience

Our target audience are the groups of small community, hotels, and canteens etc. where organic food waste are produced.

Anil NepalMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

A spatially managed local e-governance system with a two way communication between citizens and local government which integrates all possible services provided by ward offices & metropolitan office and takes valid complaints of citizens.

Target Audience

Local e-governance system mainly facilitates household units and business entities to put forth their requirements which in turn will be forwarded to respective members of ward and metropolitan officials resulting in efficient governance.

Ruchin SinghMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

The implementation of blockchain based record keeping system to digitize existing land records.

Target Audience

- Land owners and sellers - Land registry information can be stored in distributed ledger
- Government, Banks, and Legal Entities - can easily access the audit trail relating to that property

Prajeena MaharjanUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

To direct the attention of government where road construction is needed.

Target Audience

General people: Citizen
Government: Department of Roads

Garikhane Yuwa
Aayam ShresthaUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Partnership with Kathmandu municipality in order to solve the parking and traffic problem of Kathmandu by using smart and digital technology which will generate revenue for both Kathmandu municipality and our business.

Target Audience

Private vehicle owners

Bikesh BadeMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

We aim to create an application that facilitates citizens and municipal officers optimizing delivery of municipal facilities and services all the while acknowledging the officers who are hastening the service delivery time and flagging those who are slugging it.

Target Audience

The target audience are citizens applying for municipal services, officers in a municipal office and management and appraisal team in a municipal office.

Dipesh TamrakarUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Preserving heritage sites as-built in the form of 3D reality model

Target Audience

Government, Community, Utility Sector, Construction and Infrastructure business houses, Real Estate Agents.

Glass co. Nepal
Hem BhandariCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Glass Recycling Company.

Target Audience

Every people / Community

Rija JoshiUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

This project app "Smart KTM" aims to bridge the communication gap between the public and local government, ensuring two way communication for addressing issues of urban infrastructure in particular.

Target Audience

The target audience are the residents of Kathmandu, local government body, line agencies and community based organisations.

Green Solutions
Liza AmatyaCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Smart Waste Collection is a real time application for waste collection system where users of a locality gets notified for their waste collection.

Target Audience

The targeted audience are the ones who is responsible for dumping of their trash everyday. They are commonly household individuals.

Green Spaces, A love letter to the city
Milan RaiCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

To create livable healthy environment strengthening the urban ecosystem and biodiversity adding an essence of a Smart City.

Target Audience

Everyone regardless of age or social status. Household owners, locality members, city dwellers.

Prakash AmatyaUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Our idea is to provide sanitary pad dispensers in the public toilets (including the toilets in the hospitals, schools, offices, malls, government institutions, cinema halls etc.) as well as introduce a system in the toilets to allow people to give their feedbacks on the toilet such as toilet status, water availability, hand-washing materials, cleanliness, light, privacy. A social enterprise composed of toilet operators and caretakers from the low income and marginalized communities will be established and strengthened. This company will run the toilet management services in the city.

Target Audience

Our target audience are users of public toilets (including toilets in offices, schools, hospitals etc), particularly women who use these toilets and are having their periods and need pads immediately. This social business with help to organize the toilet operators who are generally underpaid and it will support to upgrade their livelihood with adequate skills.
The software will be used by the local government, public toilet managers, and their employees. We expect that this software will be utilized because the information it provides is in demand as the municipalities are actively seeking assistance to resolve public toilet management problems. We expect that
1) User-feedback that is publicly available will incentivize public toilet business owners to providing equitable service to both men and women, and will motivate toilet operators to improve cleanliness and maintenance. Currently, there are no standards and operators are not accountable
2) Monitoring traffic and feedback also enables the new policies on gender-friendly toilet standards to be enforced by a third party. We expect our renovations to yield 20% increase in the proportion of female-traffic (46% increase was achieved in our pilot).
3) Rich datasets on daily traffic, and sanitation parameters will enable to develop design, operational, funding programs to construct smart toilets.

Moti Ram GiriUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Traffic Lane Separation and Laying of precast manhole

Target Audience

Road users (user of public transportation )

Manish ShresthaUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

An app showing location of toilets that are managed by municipality, restaurants and hotels with special stickers in their windows/doors who are willing to provide services for free or with a nominal fee.

Target Audience

General public
Restaurant and hotel owners
Kathmandu municipalities

Help For Ag Team
Prabin LamichhaneCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

As we are student of B.Sc. Agriculture, our campaign is to collect the daily produced organic wastes in large vegetables market (i.e. Kalimati area) and to convert them into nutrient rich organic matter using Vermicomposting worms (i.e. Eisenia fetida).

Target Audience

The target audiences in this idea are :-
1. Vegetable sellers in market area,
2. Farmers,
3. And all the people around market areas.

Kisan PoudelMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

Develop a web-based Learning Management system(LMS) to help teachers who teach in community school get online training and certification provided by the municipal community school service to increase training availability and efficiency, increase the proficiency of teacher and to reduce the overall cost.

Target Audience

There is two main target audience. One is the teacher who wants to teach in a community school or the existing teacher in community school who haven't got the training on how to teach and cope with students. Another one is the municipal community school training service, provider. The community school management committee is also facilitated as they can hire new teaching staffs requiring them to have online training as a mandatory requirement to enhance the teaching quality.

Rajeev BistaCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Proper planned collection of waste and management will enable conversion of waste into value, added opportunity to enable small scale industries to flourish and help build a planned, managed digital city.

Target Audience

Households, Hotels, Hospitals any other waste generating sources

Badal TripathiMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

A social platform to engage large chunk of valley population with the administration for constructive collaboration and healthy engagement to enhance effective governance from local bodies aimed to build better communities, increasing livability, workability, sustainability and hence transparency in local to national issued works and projects.

Target Audience

We intend to build a simple but powerful mobile app, several Facebook Instant pages, Google amps, and YouTube videos to maximize the coverage of the audience.

As 8 million people use Facebook on a monthly basis and nearly 1 Million uses regular basis in Nepal. The large chunk of this figure is from city areas.

As there are elements like instant police reporting and discussion forum this will gain popularity among youth in a short period of time. Girl being the victim of violence they would use it be to report such insecurities.


Akansha ShresthaUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Electric shuttle bus service for job holders along with i-parking service in Newroad area.

Target Audience

Bus service will target the job holders travelling to their workplace on weekdays.
i-parking is for people going to Newroad.

Infinite Innovation
Nitesh SapkotaMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

To unite all pharmacies in one online platform including online doctor consultation service as well as a blood bank.

Target Audience

Mostly the patients who are searching for rare and emergency medicines. Pregnant woman or any one who is insearch of blood immediately. For those patients who stands for theri turn for whole day in hospital and still they cant get appointment with doctor.

Sushil ThapaUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Building landmarks recognition and information extraction software to recognize and provide relevant information about heritages in real-time through images taken from Smartphone Camera with Artificial Intelligence.

Target Audience

The general public as well as tourists.

Ingenious Junction
Kshitiz TiwariMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

Building a Web Application for civic engagement, metropolitan process digitization and automation, metropolitan revenue and expenditure tracking integrated with Blockchain and Digital Signatures for verification, transparency and security.

Target Audience

Citizens as well as Metropolitan officers.

IOE Pashchimanchal
Kapil GnawaliUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Our project is to create a web-Geographic Information System (GIS) based utility management system of the valley.

Target Audience

The main targeted audience are policy makers, urban planner, utility service providers such as electric authority, water corporation, drainage and sewage management, internet service providers, technical people and local people.

IoT geeks
MD ZAFFAR KHANCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

An Innovative IoT device for air quality monitoring and controlling

Target Audience

Our device will setup at crowded area and traffic congestion area where the people will get notified through our device.

Janata Clinic
Priyasha MaharjanMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

Janata Clinic is a health welfare-oriented campaign, aimed at building healthy communities through liaison between policy makers, community leaders and local governing bodies to make preventive and promotive healthcare equitable and accessible to all at all ages.

Target Audience

Community members (more focus on NCD risk groups, women and elderly)

JAY KISHAN PANJIYARMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

auto attendance and employee prediction in an organization

Target Audience

every organization

Karyalaya Ventures Pvt Ltd
Prasun TimilsinaUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

"Motorbhada" is a smartphone app created to digitize the Nepal’s transportation system and provide comprehensive information on all the details needed to travel in public transport from point A to point B.

Target Audience

Motorbhada has been designed keeping all the general public in mind. With the easy interface to work on and constantly updated accurate information, we plan to attain maximum number of users from all corner of the nation.

Kathmandu Children
Sumit Ratna TamrakarMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

Local Level Consumer – Administration Co-operation using Technology

Main plan file:…

Target Audience

Public consumers and store keepers

Kathmandu Filth
Nation Adhikari Urban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Modernizing Public transportation in Kathmandu Valley.

Target Audience

Aam Admi , Metropolitan, Vehicle Owner

Kathmandu Travel Guide
Atish GhimireCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Make a database to preserve the original history of every artifact, structures, monuments, heritage and nearby popular places in Kathmandu valley (or Nepal) for renovation and make the information accessible to everyone targeting tourist via a smartphone app.

Target Audience

This idea tries to target every possible audience who wants to know more about the Kathmandu city and its history, places, architecture, culture etc.
This idea also targets the tourism industry who wants to advertise their product or services.
This idea also facilitates the government to communicate with the tourist and track their most visited sites.
This idea will ensure necessary action for promoting tourism in the Kathmandu valley.

Rasika KarkiCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Khaalisisi is a waste-management company working in collecting recyclable waste by connecting waste-sellers (households and businesses) to local waste-entrepreneurs (Khaalisisi friends) through our platform -

Target Audience

Our target audience are anyone with waste (government, households, offices, banks, hospitals, hotels, apartments..). Our primary audience is people who are cautious about environment and feel responsible towards protecting the environment.

Nishan Chandi ShresthaUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Khalaasi is an automatic fare collection system which is a technological version of our human-Khalaasi (conductors) in public buses, that will collect the fare using smart card enabled by RFID and NFC technology to ensure hassle free commuting and public friendly public vehicle.

Target Audience

1. Passengers: More than 5.4 million trips are made in the Valley alone, of which 28 percent is public transport, according to a 2016 JICA study. That roughly amounts to 1.5 million passengers travelling on public transportation every day. Public transportation in Nepal is one hell of an experience. Buses are small and uncomfortable, the payment system manual and passenger’s safety is at zero level. Public transportation in Nepal has the most unprofessional staffs and there has been frequent reports on misbehave from the unprofessional. Even we have experience it ourselves in our daily commute. We have seen the bargaining in the vehicles which sometimes conclude to quarrel among the staff and passenger. So the first audiences for this project are these daily passengers who have to fight a daily battle to go to office, schools, home or other commute via public transportation. They deserve a peaceful ride to their destination so that they could be productive with fresh mind. They deserve to get the best quality journey for their fare. They deserve the right to safety. They deserve right to experience the beauty of technology in public vehicle.
2. Public vehicle operators: The public transportation in Nepal is different from other countries as it is not government owned but the private operators operates it. They have their own route and are scattered geographically. These people put on their investments to serve the passengers. But they never get the real revenue. There is no such system in any public vehicle till now through which the investor can monitor their daily revenue. The vehicle staffs easily manipulate real revenue and hence the investor never gets real share for the investment. Due to which, they cannot plan for further investment in quality vehicles. Had they got the real revenue, they would have invested in more comfortable, environment and passenger friendly public vehicles. This is one of the reasons for more smaller, compact and uncomfortable public vehicles in Kathmandu. These investors need to be encouraged to invest in bigger sized comfortable buses by providing their real revenue.
3. Government: The only visible sector that the government has not been able to regulate is the transportation sector. It has set route permits and fare determination but has not been able to monitor it properly. Apart from these there are no any regulations on transparency in transactions. Government has not been able to guarantee passenger rights, nor has been able to bring proper regulations on functioning of public transportation. The recent move to abolish syndicate in transportation is praiseworthy but again it has failed to properly manage the sector after breaking syndicate. For the government to make proper regulations, ensure security and transparency, it needs proper data and proper technology that monitors the transaction in each and every vehicle. With this project being implemented, government will get clear transaction in the transportation sector digitally and be able to collect taxes properly and be able to develop policies with the data generated by this technology.

Reman BalaCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

A smart trash can for the public that opens on detection through sensors, closes after a few intervals of time and when full notifies the municipality.

Target Audience

General Public

Krita Inc
Chetan Kumar NeupaneCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Smart way to manage waste according to the nature of waste ( Bio degradable and non bio degradable) which can notify status of the waste to the concern individual through innovative technology.

Target Audience

The target audience for our system is household sector, business sector and government sector considering various aspects. Basically, at the present moment our target is within Kathmandu premise and if the system goes well ,we will expand this product throughout the country.

Sagar BhusalMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

LandChain is intended to develop a web app(Government) and mobile app(General Public ) to help landowners(25-50)yrs and government to easily, fastly and cheaply trade the land and maintain transparency using blockchain technology.

Target Audience

Our system can include the target audience from mainly 3 sides.
1. General Public
2. Government
3. Banks

Let's Cycle
Shreeyash ShresthaUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Establishing cycle stations in different locations to provide basis for hiring a bicycle from one station , riding to destination and dropping the bicycle to nearby station.

Target Audience

Students (high school, college and university going students), Job holders, Local and International tourists

lets cycle
Rugen ThapaliyaCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

our Idea is to open government operated bicycle station at different chowk in kathmandu.

Target Audience

At initial phase our targeted audience will be college student as they are the daily users of public transportation.

Alish BistaCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

The idea is to design and manufacture a range of AI-driven yet affordable gardening robots that will help turn every rooftop in Kathmandu to a smart cultivable land as well as aid the kitchen garden by automating the whole gardening experience.

Target Audience

People who own houses or have access to rooftops or wide verandas or have a kitchen garden and have slight knowledge of smart-phones and apps and are technology-friendly.

Maya univers academy
sushila kcCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

waste remval and production of vegtable and animal protein by aquaponic technology.

Target Audience

poor wemen,disadvatage people , and comuity
young people of boys and girl

Bibek DhakalMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

Management portal and use of handheld Point of Sales Device to collect and capture real-time payment and issue the receipt.

Target Audience

Local Government Bodies, Parking reinforcement, any other public, and private services which need to issue receipts and collect money.

Mukesh JaiswalMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

It helps you choose medicines from your nearest pharmacies with the best prices.

Following is the link to the prototype of the idea

Target Audience

These days most people have access to smartphones even in the most remote parts of Nepal. Although our service can be used by anyone who needs medicine and has access to a smartphone, our initial target audience will be the same category of people but confined to Kathmandu valley.

Basically, the target audience will be valley people who need medicine at the 'right' price hasslefree and are used to mobile applications.

Ashish TiwariMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

Our idea (Open Government Nepal) aims to improve public access to high value, machine readable datasets in a way that allows concerned stakeholder for flexible and easy reuse, enabling rational debate and better decision making that meets civil society needs.

Target Audience

Open Government solution will radically change the way people make sense of the information. In addition to the general public, data enthusiasts, developers, journalists and civil hackers can make good use of the publicly available dataset and apply their time and effort to come up with creative solutions to real problems.

Biplav AcharyaUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

To design and manufacture a portable, Eco friendly
and economical power generation device utilizing
the gravitational potential energy which can be
used as an alternative source for the street light
which are generally operated by solar energy.

Target Audience

general public

ML Guys
Sushil ShakyaMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

An easily social media integrable goal oriented chatbot for interacting with public and answering all the queries regarding the public services provided by the government of Nepal such as passport acquiring procedure, vehicle license acquiring procedure and so on.

Target Audience

We wish to build this chatbot in both English and Nepali Language but the primary focus will be on English Language. So, the initial target will be the smart phone users of the Kathmandu Valley who frequently use the social media platform such as Facebook, Viber, etc.

Bibek ShresthaMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

Reward-based Ride-sharing platform

Target Audience

Intra-city travelers

Nepal Cycle Society
Kiran Man JoshiUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Using technology to promote cycling in Kathmandu Valley for recreational purpose and ultimately as a mode of transport

Target Audience

The main goal of the platform is to make recreational cycling in Kathmandu more attractive to occasional and new cyclist or tourist visiting Kathmandu who are the primary targeted audience.
There are two important future events that the platform hopes to address
1. Visit Nepal Year 2020
2. World Bicycle Forum 2020 Kathmandu - A international event Nepal is going to host
Ultimately the platform aims to make cycling cool again for general public in Kathmandu

Nepal Med
Ms Supriya ShakyaMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

Medical services at home with aid of website and mobile application(

Target Audience

- Everyone who are seeking normal or regular medicines or medicinal products
CHILDREN > Medicines and baby products
ADULT > Medicines, medicinal aid and awareness
OLD AGE > Medicines and many more
- TARGET AREA > Immediately Kathmandu Valley,

Akash AdhikariUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

A dockless bike-sharing (bicycle-sharing) system that allows people to travel/commute within the Kathmandu valley using bikes that are available nearby.

Target Audience

1) Regular (daily) commuters who want more convenient short-distance commuting platform in a price range similar to public transport.
2) Tourists who want to explore the valley on their own.
3) Female riders who feel less convenient in congested public vehicles.
4) Emergency commuters especially during night time.

Nepali Intelligence
SAGAR ACHARYAUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

A traffic management solution to help alleviate the traffic jam problem, increase road safety and monitor traffic rules violation.

Target Audience

Directly or indirectly every people is affected by the traffic jam problem in Kathmandu. Moreover, the subject of road safety and overall security of capital city is of concern for the government. So our target audience is both the general people and the government.

Shashank Raj BhattaraiUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Payment system for public transportation

Target Audience

users of public transportation, transport service providers

Prashant ThapaUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Smart Public toilet for all.

Target Audience

The immediate or obvious target are the people who are currently using public toilets. With the establishment of clean and smart toilets, more people will be comfortable with using the public toilet who do not use them today for access, cleanliness and sanitary issues.

Suraj Shrestha Community and Environment
Idea Description

Digitization of personal medical history for safe and efficient medication.

Target Audience

Overall community

Bhawana SubediMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

Create complete digital map of Fire Prone Areas of Kathmandu while providing best routes for firefighters through our map in case of fire outbreak to minimize loss while also providing local community an alert platform that can be used during emergency and training people for real life situations of fire incidents through virtual reality.

Target Audience

1) Government ( Firefighters / Municipality Construction Planners who are responsible for resources to firefighters)
2)Public ( Anyone who has a gas in their house , electric power lines and people running industry which have risk to fire hazards )

Rhitabrat PokharelMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

Our technology is aimed at helping the passengers board the public vehicle without hassle.

Target Audience

Our target audience is the public of the city who regularly travel on a public vehicle to get to the work.

Yalamber SubbaMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

A single platform where citizens can report and track issues to their local governing body.

Target Audience

End Users: are those users who would report the issue to the specific governing body through Geotagging and track the issue accordingly.

Governing bodies' Users: are those users who would look into the issue and solve it based upon the nature and the priority of the issue accordingly.

Opportunity Seeker
Mahesh Kumar SahMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

Our company, RHome is developing a unique housing concept to help students moving to new city to pursue their dreams with furnished and well equipped living space.

Target Audience

Students aged 14-28 (Boys & Girls).

(Those who seeks for a decent living space at affordable price)

Parijaat Bioplastic
Binita ShresthaCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

The idea is to solve the problem created by non-degradable plastics by replacing it with degradable and eco-friendly plastic (bioplastic) made from all-natural plant materials includes corn oil, starch, orange peels and more that decomposes naturally in the environment.

Target Audience

Plastic is an essential component in shopping referring to carrying items from store to home. We are initially targeting the stores, industries, and factories as in packaging everything from electric appliances, clothes, food items to the latest gadgets and luxury goods uses plastic.

ENG. JOSEPH SHRESTHACommunity and Environment
Idea Description


Target Audience


Ashok Kumar BhattaraiCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Smart Bucket: an economic, odorless,effective, portable and indoor alternative of traditional compost bin, turning organic kitchen waste into both solid and liquid fertilizer, thus reducing waste at its generation site and contributing to KMC for solid waste management.

Target Audience

our Target audience are divided into two categories:
1. Every family of the KMC (not only the house owners but also the family living on rents.)
2. Institutions like office, schools, shops etc.
since this smart bucket can be easily replicated for management of larger quantity of waste also.

Roshan GuragainCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Our hydroponic system and adequate training will empower city dweller with small scale rooftop urban farming solution.

Target Audience

Love for the homegrown vegetable is nothing new for Kathmandu dwellers. Since our product will kindle this thirst and provide a better solution than the conventional method, we have chosen our target audience carefully:-
1) Anyone owning the rooftop/balcony who wants to grow their own vegetable but are unable to do due to land restriction or difficulties in convention soil farming.
2) Small scale enterprise looking to integrate the hydroponic system in their food business.
3) Any person who has to fulfil their organic or medicinal food requirement.

Aashraf PradhanangUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Automatic cleaner for solar panels used to light street lights.

Target Audience

Kathmandu metropolitan city is the major target for this project. This project is also applicable for individuals/organisations using pv solar panels for electricity.

Gaurab DhunganaCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Use edible but unsold vegetable from the market to make long lasting and appealing food products.

Target Audience

vegetable/fruit sellers on the first level. General consumers on the next level to sell the produced food items.

Pushpa : safaa ra swachchha Bagmati ko sapanaa!!!
Sudarshan GCCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Recycling of floral waste from temples

Target Audience

Our target audiences are people of Kathmandu city and people who visit this city. Our audiences are everyone who always dream about clean and healthy Bagmati.

Kishan PandeyMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

Multi Purpose Identity Solution (eID) for Interconnected Metropolitan Systems !

Target Audience

Individuals who perform day to day procedures like Personal Registration, Company Activities,Institutional Correspondances, e-Taxations, e-Procurements, Verifications etc

RARA BioTech
Sumeena KarkiCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Use of Black soldier fly for solid waste management.

Target Audience

All general people

Hari LamichhaneUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Roometi is a mobile application that will help the people in search of rental rooms to find suitable rooms according to their preferences, as well as the house owners to manage their rental rooms, find appropriate people to rent their rooms and manage the bills payment.

Target Audience

Tenants and house owners.

Rojita SharmaUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Introducing smart multi-functional poles to help solve many urban problems making them able to incorporate software controls, electronics and sensors which can receive and transmit data.

Target Audience

vehicle users, traffics, pedestrians.

Ramesh PathakUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

A soft real-time surveillance system to track and monitor the traffic mobility in the roads of Nepal through automatic vehicle detection and traffic congestion estimation along with the analysis of the surveillance data using statistical approaches to generate traffic report that can serve as a reference for the concerned authorities in formulating vital urban development policies.

Target Audience

Our system can be directly implemented by Metropolitan or municipal traffic police departments to aid and standardize their traffic monitoring activities. It can also be used by the government bodies like Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of Urban Development, Department of Roads as a rigid data source to refer upon before formulating plans like road construction and expansion and public transportation policies. In addition, the system can also be deployed at state entry checkpoints for keeping track of vehicle inflow and outflow.

Ananta BastolaCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

The core idea is to make disposal of different wastages with the help of mobile application more effectively and to create awareness among the people about solid waste management using 3R principle: Recycle, Reuse and Reduce.

Target Audience

People residing in the valley.

Samir MaharjanUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Our idea is to make well-sanitized public toilet available to public in every 2 km distance along and nearby ring-road, which is a need of smart city.

Target Audience

Our target audience are those people who are in urgency for using toilet near ring-road and the girls on period.

Salina Upreti
Biplove SinghCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

We are an AgriTech Company for creating Customized Garden at your RoofTop to grow more vegetables with less use of resources.

Target Audience

1. Health Conscious peoples
2. Hobby Plant Grower
3. Agri Entrepreneurs
4. Government

Sunil ShresthaUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Sano Swaroop is a platform that connects local professionals with the users who are looking for the service.

Target Audience

Handy professional like plumber,electricians,mason,carpetner and so on

Richa AdhikariUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

A solution for the existing metropolitan public transport system that includes a mobile app for real-time vehicle status, online payment, and route identification which will enhance the experience of using the transportation system by making it more easy, convenient and hassle-free.

Target Audience

Every stakeholder will be benefitted by this system. However, the general public using public transportation in their everyday life are the main target audience. Tourists, who are having a hard time to cope with the existing transportation scenario, are our target audience too. Also, the transportation company, regulation authorities like the Traffic Police, Local Government and DOTM can find this new system making their task processing more easy and convenient.

Sudeep BhandariMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

Municipal offices’ public review and queue management combined into one solution.

Target Audience

1. General public arriving at municipal offices for administrative tasks.
2. Municipal service evaluation authorities.

SI Security Alarm
Dhruba SunuwarMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

SI Security Alarm is an electronic device which triggers an alarm and gives a call and sms to the pre-set numbers when thieves enter the room.

Target Audience

Early Adopters :
Gold Shops, Finance, big marts

other potential costumer :
- shops, offices , banks, etc

Smart Thinkers
Angela SubediMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

Digital Citizenship - The idea is to create a digital, scan-able citizenship that helps to store all the information about the citizen in government’s database in such a way that if we need to acquire any new document from the government, the citizenship can be scanned to access all the previously submitted or issued documents from the government’s digital library cutting off the need to present new photocopies in every government office.

Target Audience

The target audience is the entire citizens of the country.

Sujata ShresthaCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

The idea is about use of technology in solid waste management sector which will deal with waste tracking (types of waste and volume of waste in household, community or institution) along with map, process of waste (recycling, bio gas, composting and others) and final result of waste along with customer information and networking in Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC).

Target Audience

In this case, both citizen and KMC are targeted users of this application. During solid waste collection, KMC can record data regarding type and volume of discarded waste, its process and final disposal/result. These data will entail immense information of individual, institutional and community waste and can be used in diverse field such as database, research, behavior study, retrieve new solutions. This application will also aid in networking with stakeholders of solid waste in KMC. Similarly, data base information of tracking will help to promote segregation and 3R concept on citizens and make direct connection with solid waste stakeholders. On the other hand, citizen can be familiar with their activities regarding their discarded waste information and networking opportunity with stakeholders of solid waste management.

Smart Yatra
Anjali ShakyaMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

Smart Yatra Information about public transportation route helping people commute easily.

Target Audience

People who use public transportation for a day to day work.
People with a smartphone.

Pashupati PariyarMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

Online home rent payment system, where tenant pays rent directly to bank and bank cuts-off rent-tax then transfer to government account and thereafter transfer it to owner’s account.

Target Audience

1) House owners
2) Tenants
3) Government

Milan Kumar Sardar TharuUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Making card validation for students and elderly efficient and easy in public transportation via smart card.

Target Audience

- Public transportation (bus, micro-bus)
- Students, elderly people and all those subject to discounts in fares

Socio Innovators
Manish AdhikariUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Our idea is to create a system which understands real-time road conditions and suggest the areas to be repaired to the metropolitian/municipality while awaring the road status to the public.

Target Audience

The data will be crowdsourced from vehicles all over the city (Taxis, garbage trucks, Public vechiles, etc). This collaboration between the consumers and caretakers of road infrastructure could improve the delivery of this key public service.
Our final target auidence is the public .

Sujan Rijal
Sujan RijalUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Pick up and Drop idea to make it more better.

Target Audience

1. General Public as a whole. They will buy the pre-paid ticket for their regular visit and that costs less and one time payment system.
2. Public Transportation owner will have their money already received so they should not wait for passengers
3. Accurate timing in transportation, since it does not wait for passengers
4. Less chances of traffic jam as buses do not wait in stations or stop in any places other then prescribed.

Suyam Baidya
Suyam BaidyaMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

An e-governance tool having integrated Geographic Information System for municipal planning which interlinks every municipal data with its respective Geo-location for effective decision making

Target Audience

Target Audience:
• Local Municipal Citizen
• Municipal service Providers
• Planner and Urban developers

Pratik KunwarMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

An on-demand room rental platform that reimagines urban living by making rooms accessible, safe, and easy to rent.

Target Audience

Our target audience consists of anyone looking for a room to rent in the Kathmandu Valley. This mainly includes students of colleges, young workers who are looking for a rental room near their place of work, and migrants who come and live in Kathmandu to pursue better economic opportunities. From our research, they are in the 18-48 age range, earn on average 30,000, and are becoming more technology-literate.

Shekhar khadkaCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

This mobile application can be one biggest platform for the freelancers. Any user can engage in task nearby their surrounding by which they can earn money.

Target Audience

- College Students ( Jobless)
- Office and organization who are searching freelancer to small task
- Riders and driver
- General Public

Rajad ShakyaUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Automatic traffic light management based upon traffic density and vehicle priority.

Target Audience

Traffic police and vehicle riders

Team Find X
Sagar Shree NeupaneMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

We are trying to develop an application which solves the problems of Traffic Police, Vehicle owners and passengers where the passengers will be able to locate their public vehicle, get real time status of traffic jam and can pay vehicle fare and by using this concept we can design an intellectual traffic light such that it can automatically extend the number of second for the green signal according to demand is set to increase.

Target Audience

Traffic Police, Vehicle owners, Drivers and passengers will get benefit with this app. The traffic police can manage the traffic digitally. They no longer have to blow whistle and shout on the road. They can manage the traffic by monitoring with cctv and our app will help them. The drivers can see the status of traffic jam and how long should they have to wait for their turn. The passengers can see the location of all vehicles in his/her route and can estimate their waiting time. Along with this the passengers can pay public vehicle fare with our app. The app will track the travelled distance and deduce money from their account.

RONISH DAHALMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

GharNumber:- (urban mapping tool)
Navigation is key importance to our daily life.
Ghar Number(MOBILE APP PLATFORM) is a navigation system tool that helps your search for destination, business, service much easier. We not only bring easiness in finding
Products and services but the opportunity that comes from every corner of the earth. GharNumber – “We bring comfort to tip of your hand.”

Target Audience

Target audience
- individual house (permanent and temporary) house
- real estate
- individual citizens

Team Kantipur
Manoj SapkotaMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

Cashless Kathmandu, No cash transaction, Cash will be replaced by online virtual money.

Target Audience

Target audience are
a. All citizen from all age.
b. All Government Bodies.
c. All Tourist.

Team Sambhav
Binaya Raj MahatCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Any Time Toilet is a mobile application that locates the users to the nearest restroom of restaurant/cafe.

Target Audience

Our target audience is mobile youth group; anyone who uses smartphone and travels from one place to another either sometimes or on a daily basis ( both local people and tourists).

Team Soch
Kiran TiwariUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Density Based Traffic Light Control System with App Based public Navigation using Artificial Intelligence by which Traffic Management is automated and the Mobile Application let's any public user to navigate the less traffic congestion route through their mobile phone.

Target Audience

Every citizen with Vehicle is the target audience wheres the system is useful for other members of the city too.

Team Upaya
Kshitiz AryalCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Our idea supports the theme of smart city providing the actual smartness to smart dustbins present in streets of Kathmandu helping for common peoples in daily life, emergency communication and keeps public administration in check.

Target Audience

Our idea will benefit following audiences:

1)For tourist of all age and place, it can help them to navigate, travel and find location of different places within Kathmandu and all over the country too.

2) For those people who wants to publicly speak about area, where construction or improvement is must, or for those people who are repeatedly asked by authority personnel for bribe. (i.e, Complains on public services, public property or any sort of social issues)

3) For municipality to notify their citizen about the rescue event for natural calamities. For example: information flow for earthquake rescue operation, notifying the nearest safe zone, stooping the crowd from panicking, etc.

4) For peoples who will bear loss due to emergency power cutoff by Electricity Authority and for those who are deprived of their important tasks due to blockage of road by arrival of V VIP's. These cases can be informed previously and effects can be minimized.

Team Vacuum
Bishesh GautamUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Combining smart technology and clean energy to solve the open defecation problem in Kathmandu municipality.

Target Audience

At the pilot phase, target audience for the project will be the passerby at NAC micro and bus stand; which lies at the heart of Kathmandu Valley and attracts the largest number of public transportation commuters.

Priti OliMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

We are developing a smart Geographic Information System which maps house number to geolocation which helps user share their house number to friends/family for better navigation and service providers(e.g ISP, Telecommunication provider etc) to facilitate their services effectively.

Target Audience

1.General public for navigations.
2.Local authorities for the purpose of a walk-up/door to door billing facility like garbage collection, cable TV subscription, Water supply.
3.Urban Service Provider like for effective planning, increasing coverage, maintenance etc

Technoid Group
Sunil SubediUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

"Smart transportation and parking system" is smart in a sense that it aware general public about the location of public vehicles, routes and time of arrival through display panel and incorporated sound system in next station though GPS based vehicle and
smart scheduling system for promoting use of public transportation in general masses and help to managed parking system smartly.

Target Audience

Smart transportation system aims for general masses who uses road transportation for day to day purpose. It target to all those audience who uses road vehicles for movements which may includes all i.e. normal, hadicap and disable people.

Tenant Relocation Project
Anish SigdelUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

The idea of the project is to reduce the traffic congestion in Kathmandu valley during office hours by acquiring data on the percentage of tenant population in Kathmandu and relocate them with their workspace under consideration.

Target Audience

The target audience will be all the tenants residing within the valley or people who work in Kathmandu but reside in neighboring districts.

The Brogrammers
Baburam NepaliMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

"वन याक्ट - OneAct", एउटा मोवाइल एप हो जसले सहयोगी मान्छे हरुलाई सहयोग आवश्यक मान्छे हरु सम्म जोड्ने काम गर्छ ।

Target Audience

सहयोग आवश्यक मान्छेहरु लाइ सहयोग, जस्तै:

- खान नपाएका हरुको लागि खाना,
- कपडा किनेर लगाउन नसक्ने हरुलाई कपडा,
- औषधी किनेर खान नसक्ने लाइ औषधी,
- किताब किनेर पढ्न नसक्ने हरु लाइ किताब,

सहयोग दिने तर्फ,
- धेरै सहयोग गर्न नसक्ने तर सहयोग गर्न चाहने हरुको लागि

The BRS Group
Rashmi BogatiCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Our idea is to use a mini version of wetscrubber which in used in industries to suppress Carbon dioxide gas emitted from vehicles.

Target Audience

We have mainly focused this towards the automobile owners and users.

Gagan PuriMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

Mobile application (Smart Paalika) for transparent government for the citizens

Target Audience

This application is viable to Central Government as well as State Government’s administrative department and the common citizens. Different bodies of Central Government interact with other bodies of the State Government with much level of privacy. Along with that, Central Government can also view about people’s inquiry, complaints and also how State Government has been addressing people’s problem effectively. For this both State as well as Central will have a web form of application while citizens will have mobile form of application.
All common citizens can use the application to address a common problem but not a personal problem. The problem could be related to different infrastructures of development such as drinking water, road, vehicles, education, etc. The application will be on the preferred language as per the user, i.e. either Nepali or English which is optional.

The Heads
Sandip ChaudharyMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

An app that informs friends, relatives, authorized bodies(doctor, police.etc ) about the situation of the victims (public) during an emergency(accident, harassment, robbery or any natural calamities) ASAP.

Target Audience

Target audiences:
1. One who is insecure about their safety.
2. One who is responsible for public safety.

The interface
Sushant DahalMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

“The Interface(अंतराफलक)” is a project management software platform tailored to enhance the pace of project implementation, while making relevant coordination with related departments of government to optimize the use of common resources and minimize effort duplication.

Target Audience

1)The central regulatory body will be the municipality
2)Active participants will be various government units like Nepal Electricity Authority, Nepal Telecom, 3)Department of road and transport, water department etc.
4)Beneficiaries will be all the parties involved and the denizens of the metropolitan city.

The Patriots
Parash GurungMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

It s a app/repository where all the vital medial condition and history of a patients are stored for easy retrieval of past medical history.

Target Audience

Civilians, doctors and authorized personals.

Nijel ShresthaMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

We want to design an inter-operable Health Data Ecosystem targeted for pregnant ladies, that will make the right data available to right people at the right time in a way that can be relied upon and meaningfully used by recipients.

Target Audience

Our idea revolves around the effective health care management in aim to reduce the maternal mortality rate. This is not a customer-based service but an effective tool to trace and manage the health care service provided by any Hospital or Health Care management office.

Our service will help women during maternal period to see if they are following the correct medical procedures, their medical history and the care gap if they have missed any important procedure.

Our service will help care managers who are trying to identify those members that will need significant medical resources. With this kind of stats, better policy and decision can be made.

Sandhya SahukhalCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Segregation and collection of street wastes (degradables, non-degradables and cigarette butts) via 3 in 1 smart sensored trash cans for production of high value recyclable products.

Target Audience

Our target audience are basically the pedestrians who consciously or unconsciously litter on the streets. This is to aware and attract people walking on streets or visiting any public places towards proper littering.

Bibek ChaudharyCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

A waste management solution for Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

Target Audience

- All age group inside Kathmandu Valley with smartphones and who are active and environmentally responsible.

Ashish GhimireMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

TruDoc is a health-tech product which allows patients to book appointments with suitable doctors and get in touch with them through interactive tools.

Target Audience

Our target user is the following demographic groups:
1.Technologically aware people seeking medical assistance for themselves or their kin.
2.Doctors looking to promote their personal practice.

Upcycle Nepal (Revive)
Pushpa SthapitCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

We convert old fabrics into utility products, reusing, reducing and recycling along the way.

Target Audience

Our current audience is specified towards the youths and adults, who own a laptop or any other electronic gadget. Also, we are targeting school students with various products for them.

Urban Walkers
Prabina ShresthaCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Create Full time or Part time pedestrian only roads in the historic core areas of the Kathmandu valley, and develop a mobile app which will inform the users about the area and the benefits they get through walking.

Target Audience

• Local and international tourists
• Locals of the area
• Local small business owners

Pratik SatyalMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

Digitizing health record for creating data bank of public health record.

Target Audience

Health Post.

Bijay RaiCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Addressing the issue of open defecation and public toilet using mobile application

Target Audience

People from all age group who has access to the smart phone

Manjeet kunwarMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

Bicycle sharing

Target Audience

Students, and concern public

Walkman-'Green Coins'
Sushant ChaliseCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Idea is to make people walk, use public vehicle instead of using their private vehicle.

Target Audience

Our target audience are all the people living in Kathmandu(initially) and the local vendors like restaurants, shops and cafes.

Manish PrasadMetropolitan Public Administration and Management
Idea Description

An option of Transportation Card and QR code for digital city

Target Audience

Everyone with either a Smartphone for QR code .

Dinesh Mani BhandariUrban Infrastructure
Idea Description

Digital/Computing Platform that provides smart end-user services for saving energy by means of data-driven decision making with respect to transparency and participation through IOT (internet of things) integrated digital meter reading.

Target Audience

First phase targeted audience is the household in Kathmandu Metropolitan City with smart meter reading and the second phase consists of integrating IOT based low-cost smart reading for all households as well as commercial/industrial buildings.

Samip SigdelCommunity and Environment
Idea Description

Urban Household Organic Waste Management through Household Composting and Rooftop Gardening

Target Audience

House Owners, Restaurants and Commercial Buildings of Urban Area

मेन्टर दाई
Binamra AdhikariMunicipal Community Services
Idea Description

Web-based app focusing on tutoring students and helping them study and understand the relevance of the subject "real-time" with the help of precocious individuals through phone-calls, chats, video-calls etc.

Target Audience

Students studying in government schools in grade 9,10 are given special emphasis and are the main target of the project.
Students studying in private schools in grade 9,10 and Plus 2 also belong to the scope of the project.

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